Sunny A. Abakwue is the son of Chief and Mrs. Abakwue Ahuama. He was born in the small city in Nigeria, known as Aba, in Abia State.
Mr. S. A. Abakwue has written seventeen published books, co-authored six other published books; all these are available, not only on some bookstores, but also online:www.amazon.com.
He loves African Dance, making friends, going to church to serve God, and promoting his works through appearance on both radio and television stations: (www.youtube.com)..

A fatherless boy, by name Zutuka, was born into a poor village. His loving mother was poor; so was everyone in his village. To add to his trouble, his older brother was an extremely envious soul.

One day, however, while Zutuka and his evil older brother were on their way to the village market, they met a very benevolent water-goddess, known as ‘Mamiwota. Indeed, because Zutuka was thoughtful enough as to greet the human-like water-goddess very respectfully, the goddess, in turn, graciously made a firm decision, right there, to bless him.
He would become the richest man in the village. And through him, both his family and the entire village would be blessed abundantly.


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