Date: 2nd July 2019
Dr Douglas H. Johnson,

Reference: An Author and the Master for the East Africa’s History
Dear Dr Johnson,
I am writing this letter to say thank you. While we have never shaken hands physically before, I have always shaken hands with the wonderful books about South Sudan that you have written.

Thank you for the commitment you made to help the people of South Sudan achieve peace and freedom. You are among the few good Samaritans who have tirelessly and voluntarily been helping our people for years. Your support and assistance when you were a resource
person in 2003 when the CPA was being negotiated over the fate of the Blue Nile, Nuba
Mountains and Abyei, was much appreciated. The advice to the then-autonomous
government of Southern Sudan on the South-North boundary issues when you were a
member of the Abyei Boundary Commission, will have a positive outcome in the future.
It was a pleasure to receive official notification by Africa World Books (AWB) that you have
agreed to fund the editing processes of my draft manuscript under the title: ‘The Stories of
KulangToat: A Legend in Africa’s Nuer-Land,’ a nonfiction book in the comedy genre.
It was a dream come true to me to be supported by one of my favourite writers; without your influence, I wouldn’t have written the above book. Books and series were written by you,
Chinua Achebe, Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronte, among many authors of different genres, are the books I have encountered over the years, and are the reasons for me to be a

These books are:
South Sudan Past Notes & Records
Nuer Prophets
When Boundaries Become Borders
Things Fall Apart
Arrow of God
Oliver Twist
A Tale of Two Cities
Jane Eyre
Thank you once again for your positive spirit in helping Africa World Books to grow by giving
it necessary support and encouragement to do so. Africa World Books is the only hope for
young African and South Sudanese writers in particular, and you are offering support that
few can.
I had been struggling over the years to get my manuscript ready to publish, but to no avail,
until God sent Peter Deng, Africa World Books and finally Douglas H. Johnson to me. With you and Peter Deng, I have without doubt known that God really helps those who are enthusiastic to help their people.
The reason I have chosen to be a writer is simply to educate the people of South Sudan through books and no doubt they will love their diversity by saying affirmative for a tribe,
but negative for tribalism.
Note: I have already done a rough draft of my second book, a fictional novel that advises the people of South Sudan on the danger of violence. I have titled it ‘Death, A Heartless Thing: A
true, fictionalized story of crimes against the civilians in Leer, South Sudan.’
Weirial Puok Baluang,
Author of ‘The Stories Of Kulang Toat: a legend in Africa’s Nuer-Land.’


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