A New Life with Opportunities and Challenges:The settlement experiences of South Sudanese-Australians

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A New Life with Opportunities and Challenges: The settlement experiences of South Sudanese-Australians

Migration and settlement of refugees is something challenging many countries at different levels in term of services delivering to families and young people. Migration of refugees is very complex and often happens because of many reasons such as civil wars, regional wars, liberation struggles, uprising against oppressive regime. Resettlement is one of the better options for refugees to save their lives from hardships and conflicts. This book is for policy makers, researchers, community services organisations/ practitioners such as youth workers and social workers that works with families and young people from South Sudanese/ refugee backgrounds. The book covered some critical challenges and opportunities available for families and young people such as participation in sport, employment and education, connection with right people and right services.

“This is a timely book. Dr William Abur has meticulously documented challenges and opportunities of South Sudanese refugees in Australia. In doing so, Abur has successfully interweaved his personal accounts as a refugee, social worker and scholar with experiences and stories of his community. The analysis sheds some lights on experiences of African refugees in the areas of settlement, integration, employment, education, sport and racial relations. The book is an excellent read for anyone who is interested in the history, culture and contributions of South Sudanese Australians.” Dr Tebeje Molla (PhD), Research Fellow, Deakin University “William Abur’s book is an important contribution to the growing literature on the settlement of the South Sudanese community in Australia. A South Sudanese man from a refugee background, a qualified and experienced social worker in the field of refugee settlement, and an academic teaching critical social theories, Abur is uniquely placed in linking the experiences of his community with the academic literature.

This unique perspective resonates throughout the book in the personal voice of the author as he carefully immerses his readers in the complexities of starting a new life in Australia at a time when multiculturalism is under threat and racism and discrimination are, once again, on the rise”. Dr Ibolya (Ibi) Losoncz – School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet), The Australian National University.

William Abur, PhD, is a lecturer in social work at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. His research focuses on critical social work, migration and settlement of refugees, racism and discrimination, benefits of participation in sport and employment, mental health and wellbeing.

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