Are you a budding African author in Australia?

Australia is home to a large African community. As it has grown over the last two decades, our aim is to provide education, support, and information to both authors from the African community and members who crave to learn more about it.

Africa World Books is a book publisher in Australia serving African authors. Like many authors, you likely wonder how to get a book published. That’s an important question, but there’s more to it than that. We don’t just publish books, we aim to publish your book successfully. While that might mean different things to different authors, Africa World Books will help you on your journey to walk you through the success you want to achieve.

Africa World Books Is A
Journey, Not A Destination

We don’t just publish your book and walk away. We also sell and market your books, and we run events of all sizes that allow authors to meet the public and discuss their background, the themes presented in their books, and why they wrote the book. Additionally, our authors have an opportunity to sell their books online and in store. It’s all about ensuring people can access the work that you do. Ultimately, what we do is about community. We aim to bring the African community together through our work.

As an African book publisher, we offer a variety of services, including translation, marketing and design, book-selling, formatting help, editorial assistance, as well as print on demand services. We hold an annual conference, both nationally and internationally, offering writing workshops and other writing events. In addition, we offer resources such as national contests, and print on demand services. We also have an office located in South Sudan, where it’s possible to place and collect book orders. DHL delivers regularly so, you can have your order in no time at all.


Africa World Books

Africa World Books (AWB) is also associated with Africa World Books Community Education Inc (AWBCE). AWBCE links African residents to Employment Aid Services and works to educate, strengthen and support our community. We want to empower our youth, encourage them to develop their skills, to educate themselves to become members of society who are happy, well-founded, financially secure, and contributing to the wider community. We work with youth to better understand their culture, and the history of their parents and war, allowing them to make better choices with their life.


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