Life Mania By John Sunday Martin

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Life Mania is an incredible story that shows us that life is never fair, but with courage in the struggle, and knowing the purpose of your existence, you can overcome and be successful. At times in life, people will turn against you, betray you and forsake you but those who forgive and keep their hope alive will survive and succeed despite the challenges imposed on them by life.

Life Mania is a book about a young man who beat all odds and kept hope alive despite the myriad of challenges he went through. John Sunday Martin was born in South Sudan, a country that was experiencing war and innocent citizens were being tortured by the very same people that were meant to protect them. He lost his father through an explainable death during the era of the liberation struggle, and his hope for a bright future seemed to fade, but his mother kept hope alive for him and for his siblings.

The battle led him into secret services and sought refuge. He was brutally accused of being a terrorist and he unjust lost his asylum status. He faced detention and threat of deportation to South Sudan. He was miraculously released and when things looked like they were getting better for him, he received the news of his mother’s death.

John Sunday Martin is an advocate for national unity, democratic reform and sustainable development, within the context of a multi-cultural South Sudan. He maintains a strong belief in the positive power of patriotism as an antidote to the crippling parochialism that has handicapped the nation since independence.

John Sunday Martin was born in 1981 in the remote township of Amadi in South Sudan. He grew up an orphan and joined the Sudan People, s Liberation Army (SPLA) at a young age. He rose through the military ranks during the long civil war, which eventually led to the independence of the Republic of South Sudan.

He went on to serve as spokesman for the Revolutionary Movement of National Salvation (REMNASA); an armed resistance front led by Major General Lasuba Ladoru Wango, prior to its formal amalgamation with the SPLA-In Opposition (SPLA-IO) under the leadership of Dr Riek Machar.




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