Principles to Propel South Sudan Forward BY Stephen Mathiang



For almost every country, getting independence is the beginning of a rough road ahead. For instance, there are those in powerful positions who take advantage of lack of controls at the initial stages to direct public funds to private use. In this regard, South Sudan is no exception.
Not long after this nation became the youngest republic in the world in 2011, a civil war broke out, threatening to finish what was left by a protracted war of independence. As if that was not enough, people in high positions are said to have looted public resources and deposited them in their private accounts abroad, thus hampering development and the giving of vital services.
Here, Rev. Dr. Mathiang, himself a South Sudanese who even participated in the war of independence, sets forth the principles that could make the warring factions see sense, put down their arms and redirect their energy to nation building. The principles could also stir those who have stashed the nation’s wealth abroad to bring it back into the country to reinvigorate the economy.
This book will be beneficial to all those who have the interest of South Sudan at heart and policymakers who are aware that all is not well but do not know what to do to change the current situation.


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