Revolution on Equatoria Mountains : The Story of the Torit Mutiny

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The history of Torit Munity is a culmination of resistance of the people of Southern Sudan against foreign invasions and foreign Interventions in the region. The advent of the Turks, the Egyptians, the British, the French, the Italians, and Belgians in Southern Sudan transition from ethnic cantons to what became Southern Sudan in 1920 can be understood within the context of the formation of the Equatoria Corps in 1924. The people of Southern Sudan for the first time were recruited into the Sudan army as a separate military unit with headquarters in Torit town, Eastern Equatoria.


Dedication 7

Acknowledgements 8

Introduction 10


The Sudan Defense Force, SDF, 1924‑1955 13

The origins, 13

The Organization of the SDF, 18

Recruitment, 21

Ranking System, 22

Internal Duties of SDF, 24

External Duties, 25

The Sudanization of the SDF, 27

The Equatorial Corps, 28

Origins and Formation, 28

End Notes for Chapter One 34


The Mutiny Of The Equatorial Corps, August 1955 37

Introduction, 37

Survey of the events in Torit Town, 41

The outbreak of the Mutiny, 42

Implementation of the original Plan, 47

The Sudan Government Reaction, 54

The British Government Reaction, 57

The Egyptian Government Reaction, 61

The Mutiny throughout the South, ?????

The End of the Mutiny, 64

End Notes for Chapter Two 68


The Causes of the Torit Mutiny 73

The Commission of Inquiry, 73

The British Factor, 76

The Egyptian Connection, 79

The Communist Element, 82

The Sudanization Factor, 85

Al-Azhari government’s Attitude, 91

Psychological Factors, 97

End Notes for Chapter Three 100


The Torit Mutiny and its Impact National Politics 105

The Sudan African National Union (SANU), 114

The October Uprising, 116

Challenges of the Southern Organizations, 118

End Notes for Chapter Four 121


The Rise and the Development of the Anyanya Movement 124

The name ‘AnyaNya’, 126

Recruitment, 127

Equatoria Province, 127

Bahr El Ghazal Province, 128

Upper Nile Province, 129

The Propaganda, 133

The Organizational Structure of the AnyaNya Movement, 134

Sources of Weaponry, 136

The Anya Nya Organizational Structure Civil Administration, 138

The Anya Nya Military and Civilian Organisation, 138

AnyaNya’s Liabilities, 142

The Birth of the Southern Sudan Liberation

Movement (SSLM), 143

End Notes for Chapter Five 148


Conclusion 151

End Notes for Chapter Six 159

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