UNSUNG GIANTS Who Fought to Keep Africa Free BY Okoth Opap




1880, The Anuaks knew it was an exigency, they either reverse the siege by arming themselves with their enemy’s firearms, or they would up decimated and displaced. Africa’s pride and independence would be lost.

King Akway Cham confronted the might of the British Empire to defend the Anuaks from colonial servitude. But how long could his forces last. The Battle of Juom would have the answer.

Unsung Giants an engrossing history of the Anuak people who laid the foundations for Western civilization then defended them from imperial colonialization. It revives the lost voice and pride of the African people Paanywa in Southern Sudan and Ethiopia where the Anuaks now dwell. Revealing the political and cultural institutions of the Anuak people and how they influenced the Anuak relationship with their geographical neighbours in Southern Sudan and Ethiopia, and their resistance to the devastating cultural imperialism of the West.


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