The Genesis and Struggle: in the Anya-Nya in Southern Sudan By Professor Storrs McCall and Dr. Lam Akol



This book is about the genesis
and struggle of the people of Southern Sudan in order to be free to
determine their destiny as symbolized by the armed struggle against the
Sudanese government. It follows the development of the freedom fighters
from small groups fighting in their localities, through to the coalescence
into the Anya-Nya in 1963 and up to the unity of command in 1970. It also
deals with how the Simba rebellion in the Congo contributed towards the
acquisition of arms by the rebels. The role of the state of Israel in supporting
the struggle is also dealt with.The book considers as well the
impact of the developments of events in Khartoum and the changes of the
governments there in the period 1958-1972 on the struggle of the Anya-Nya.
The basic information used in writing the book was provided by many of the leaders who led this
struggle including officers who took part in some of the military engagements covered.The book is therefore an important contribution to the history of the Anya-Nya in Southern Sudan based on information from eye-witnesses and actors in the struggle.

Storrs McCall is an Emeritus Professor at the Department of Philosophy at McGill University. He was born in 1933 and obtained a DPhil from the University of Oxford in 1964. Dr Storrs McCall taught at Makerere University where he was in contact with the leaders of the Southern Sudan resistance against the Sudan Government from mid1960s up to the signing of the Addis Ababa Agreement in 1972 and knew many of them personally. This personal knowledge is refl ected in this book. His research interests lie in the philosophy of space and time, connexive logic, the problems of measurement and non-locality in quantum mechanics, and questions concerning deliberation, decision, freewill, probability and choice. He published several books and articles related to these philosophical matters
Lam Akol was a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Chemical Engineering in the University of Khartoum up to 1986. Born in 1950, he obtained a PhD and DIC from the University of London in 1980. While teaching in the University he published a number of articles in reputed scientifi c journals. He joined the SPLM/ SPLA in October 1983 and was a member of the Political-Military High Command, the highest organ of the Movement by then. He was formerly Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan (2005-2007). Dr Lam Akol had shown interest in politics at an early age. He published several books and papers on the history and politics of South(ern) Sudan, one of which was the fourth edition of his book, SPLM/SPLA: Inside an African Revolution, published by the Africa World Books in 2018.


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