War and Peace Legend of Apuk Giir By Thiik M. Giir

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This war and peace legend have inspired song makers, singers, storytellers, spiritual leaders, and the general public of Apuk Giir.

For centuries, it has been transmitted through oral tradition. It is now time for it to be passed on through books and through

electronic means. Whether or not it would be adapted as a tool that could bring all South Sudanese together, as one people, is

a question that I leave for South Sudanese influential people to figure out. The legend itself is the embodiment of what the vision, Constructing Our New Identity, means. is story, or rather, the legend is about a stranger who, since time immemorial, came into contact with the people of Apuk.

During the stranger’s brief stay, a relationship had developed. When he was no longer with them, Apuk people have continued

to commemorate that relationship up to this very day. e legend over time, has acquired spiritual dimension. It cemented the relationships between members of nine sections that made up Apuk county. It helps them maintain unity and peace; and it also raises their morale whenever they face any foreign aggression.


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