The Qualities of a Good Citizen:Essential Pillars of Nation-Building By Sunday Jial



The Qualities of a Good Citizen is a rare inspirational handbook about good citizenship. It is equipped with case studies relevant to traits you may want to know about good citizenship. The messages contained herein can only be found in sacred religion, principled politics, disciplined military, humanistic science, and ethical business. This makes it useful to political leaders, military personnel, religious leaders, businesspeople, school teachers, pupils, and ordinary citizens of all creeds, cultures, traditions, and races.

You may be born with citizenship or earn it through naturalization, but there is more to being a good citizen than just having a legal piece of paper. Good citizenship is about how you conduct yourself as an individual, how you care about your surrounding environment, how you interrelate with your community, and above all, how you view the rule of law and human rights. As a citizen, you have a mandate to work for the good of your country and that of the world. Remember, the world can only be a better place when you agree to be a good citizen.

Sunday Jial is a career peacebuilder and conflict resolution professional who has been working for peacekeeping and humanitarian organizations in the area of conflict management, peacebuilding, and protection of civilians for over a decade. Mr. Jial is a researcher of good citizenship and an expert in communal conflict management, reconciliation, and social cohesion. He is also an author of an inspirational life-coaching handbook titled Living Your Life Impeccably.


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