In Sudan’s Civil War to Australian Law School BY LUAL JOK ALAAK

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In Sudan’s Civil War to Australian Law School, Lual Alaak describes his life experiences from his village childhood through to the daunting challenges of surviving a civil war before he escaped to foreign lands.

His memoir describes a Sudan that is slowly disappearing and sets down in detail how aspects of social life, religion, politics and community changed massively in just his lifetime alone as he crisscrossed various African countries in a bid to stay one step ahead of the conflict and avoid conscription. As an adult, he takes us through his experience of being a migrant on Australian shores struggling to reconcile two cultures while trying to assist in the nation building in South Sudan before being disillusioned by the inability of those in power to resolve their issues. The memoir is a must read for anyone wanting to understand more about how and why the Sudanese Independence Movement occurred, how people reacted to it and the struggle that continues to ensure a better life for people in both Sudan and South Sudan and what this costs people in the personal decisions they each must make.


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