Dinka History By Lewis Anei Madut



This book serves as a tribute to the rich heritage and legacy of the Dinka people, whose traditions and history span millennia. As a valuable contribution to the global pursuit of knowledge about humanity, it provides a compelling account of the Dinka’s historical presence in Sudan, Egypt, and the Middle East.

Remarkably, the book has been over thirty years in the making. Its origins date back to 1979, when the author embarked on a mission to collect and preserve the oral traditions, history, and values of the Dinka people.

This endeavor involved diligent research, using the Bible as a reference for comparative analysis, and verifying the oral accounts with ancient documentaries, books, and texts. These ranged from creation myths, stories of the antediluvian world, and the universal flood of Noah that purged the Earth of its earliest inhabitants. The author consulted a diverse array of sources, including works by Babylonians, Assyrians, and Akkadians, as well as those by Greeks, Hebrews, Arabs, Africans, and Black Americans, such as William Chancellor’s “Destruction of the Black’s Civilization” of Kush. The author also conducted an extensive study of books on ancient Sudan and Egypt, adding depth and context to the narrative.


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