Egoism is what destroys relationships between us. It is also something that sometimes takes men away from God, as well as from recognition of God, the creator and sustainer of all. This makes Egoism as the major promoter of poverty and suffering in our contemporary societies. Egoism makes us want more and more, and therefore, nothing seems to be enough to us even if we are rich with millions of money while this may be more than what we really need. Egoism makes mankind unconcerned with other people’s welfare and that is why, we are no longer concerned with the welfare of the people in our neighbourhood to the extent that, we have more but we can’t note that we have got more. We don’t even share or give away some of what we have, or no longer needs or uses, to others who might need, or use.
Sometimes we feel happy to throw what we no longer need or use to dustbins than to give to others who might need or use it. Our egoism is making us forget that any person in crisis needs us more in their lives than ever before. In fact, crisis presents opportunities for us to love, to appreciate, and to have mercy on others. A time of crisis is an opportunity to do good things to others that, we never got it before to do it. Thus, crisis time is a time in life where we all ought to re-examine our purpose of life and come to our own judgment whether we live as God created us to live for His Glory by taking care of His other creatures; or we just live as we want to live our lives. Therefore, crisis era is the best epoch for us to look into ourselves, our attitudes toward the poor, or those in crisis and then examine our own individualistic interests in light of humanity. A time of crisis is a time for us to do to others the best of our bests, which we have never done before, this makes a time of crisis not only a time we should know ourselves if we are selfish or not, but also a time to extend God’s love to others, as well as to allow ourselves to be vessels of blessing to other souls. We need to be good to others because our generosity is not only the medicine that heals those in crisis, but also the reason those in crisis praise God because of our deeds. Egoism is a weapon of people’s destruction. There are lots of people in this world that are capable of great and to bring changes in our world, to restore peace and happiness that this world is lacking; but they are buried alive by suffering in our midst because of our egoism. We are there, but not concerned, we left others to suffer and could not offer our best to save and serve them. We have got to love others; we have got to change in order to change this world because to change our World demands that we avoid facing back to those in suffering, but to face them and come nearer to them for their salvation.

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