THE WOMEN’S FATE IN SOUTH SUDAN ARE IN QUESTION! The Women are the biggest losers in South Sudan, and time and time again they have never learned to change their status economically politically, socially and educationally. A woman carries your little one in the womb for good nine months and once carried you. They gave birth or some died during the process of delivering. Some make it through the process only to have some ruthless raiders take your baby away and you became childless in the blink of an eye. surprisingly, women don’t speak up, come out and stand up for themselves. In such a terrible incident as having your child taken from you, you can lose your husband or brother in the process trying to pursue the abductors and you lose your immediate family and partner on top of the baby. The horror of the brutality and social injustice continues over and over again. nobody can ask nor is willing to investigate the pernicious physical and emotional effects on such barbaric deeds which leads to untold emotional and psychological damages in women and parents. It is very painful to even imagine that we are facing such a corrupt world. your child most likely will be under the influence to continue the cycle of inflicting pain of untold sufferings to other families that could be his/her own blood. The grief and sorrows will never get cured with what is still happening and will carry over still after you are to your own grave. That’s the painful story of a lawless society like South Sudan, which breaks my heart from its instability and insensitivity in relations between its people. the greed for power has reached its peak. Politicians fights for position in Juba, as being appointed at any level in the government has lost all honorability. I resigned my job at the Ministry of Justice because of the corrupt, unstable politics I witnessed. I could see societies were grossly misinformed and misguided about politics. In South Sudan, poor massive populations are fooled to the point the party they align with results in their own death and before that comes about, they are instructed to dig their own graves. They celebrate with no foundation or understanding of the god given, life encompassing principles of happy living. The only people who can mourn your passing on in such a state are those who can overlook the lies and corruption happening. To all South Sudanese communities both at home, in the diaspora and over the entire World. If you are behind the News or don’t have any clue about the ongoing pernicious activities and Fighting happening, as with Families I posted about and mentioned previously who have had their children abducted and responded in the Murlei Land region. The Conflicts are sparked as revenge attacks. The Lou Nuer youths and the other thousands of the post abducted children and wives families members pursuing their abducted children and wives mission resulted to an invasion of Murlei land as Murlei bandits resisted and caused more casualties to the families of abducted children. Once the child is abducted, the situation appears hopeless. The causes or the genesis of the conflict began, on February 15th, 2020 that, the armed Murlei militias had broken into a Church, where two famous Chiefs daughter and son were getting married in the Church, the wedding ceremony was well attended in Lou Nuer village. The Murlei men Suddenly broke into the church and they started to shooting and slaughtering people including the priests. They also slaughtered the groom and they abducted the Newly wed bride. They left dozens of the attendees killed and dead in the Holy place, Murlei raiders took the bride ’s maids and flower Girls and went onward toward Pibor, the Home of criminals. The retaliation followed and that’s what’s sparked the conflict, I don’t blame the Lou Nuer nor the ten of thousand families of the victims who desperately want their beloved abducted girls restored back to them. From the Human rights perspective, Murlei culture of violence and child abduction is the major crime worldwide. You as a young analyst who had not gone to the school of politics can Make your own rational analysis or judgement as Human being, what would you do if you are one of the newly wed couples? I think you would seek justice and as per the fact, the justice in South Sudan is at hands of the Lou Nuer youth and other affected Dinka sections has a rights to pursuing their abducted children, young girls and wives and should come together for the sole purpose of positive change. The second fear now is Anyidi Payam, Jur Palek who is hosting some of Murlei militias youths, wives, children and elderly people is rising and gaining momentum in the Jonglei State. If I we were among Juor Palek leaders including Leekrieth, it’s useless after all to host in my backyard and protect such culprits as IDPS when holding the abducted newlywed bride who became a widow on her wedding day as hostage in Anyidi Land. As an English proverb said that, what’s goes around comes around, I think it’s now a right time for the Murlei ethnic to cease such a barbaric culture of child abduction and reckless killings of other communities Yom Deng Bul Is A South Sudanese Human Rights Activist, she’s Famously Known for her Human Rights Perspectives Concept to Champions the Children’s Rights and Protection In the Republic of South Sudan. Yom Is A Postgraduate from the Prestigious University Of Nairobi, Yom Is a Founder and A Director of Achut Foundation (A.F), the Charitable Entity. She’s Currently residing in the U.S. as Political Asylee and Basing In Manhattan, New York, United States of America. 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