WHAT MATTERS MOST IN SOUTH SUDAN: Division Destroys, but Unity Builds By Stephen Mathiang

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There are two things that never go together: conflict and development, whether economic or social development. When people are fighting, they undermine each other’s effort. Conversely, people with the same aspirations harmonize their efforts, leading to synergy. The result is expansion of existing opportunities to benefit more people and creation of opportunities where none existed. That is why the reconciliation of the Dinka and the Nuer is what matters most in South Sudan today.

Hostilities involving these two communalities started when the country was under British rule but, unfortunately, continued even after South Sudan became independent. Over time, what was an ethnic issue has affected other communities, degenerating into a national problem. Moreover, if ignored, the conflict looks poised to split the country, with some of the peaceful communities seeking autonomy to form a nation of their own or annexing themselves to a strong third party.

But in this book, the author also lists a host of benefits that could accrue from the recon-ciliation of the two communities. These include economic benefits, political benefits, social benefits and an improved image in the global community.



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