The Parameters of a Traditional Nuäär Marriage By Dr James Mabor Gatkuoth



The Parameters of a Traditional Nuäär Marriage

Easy to follow and understand, The Parameters of a Traditional Nuäär Marriage, by Dr. James Mabor provides an in-depth understanding of the customs and traditions of the Nuäär People, from marriage to birth and building a family. Covering various types of marriages including ghost marriage and concubinage, the author explains the exceptional circumstances leading to and resulting from each relationship type.

For the Nuäär People, marriage is a responsibility that everyone must fulfil. ‘He who does not participate in it is a curse to the community, he is a rebel and a lawbreaker, he is not only abnormal but ‘under human’’. With these strong obligations for marriage, the author describes how some Nuäär are forced into incestuous marriages, concubinage and other relationships – to avoid being considered cursed or inhuman.

Starting from the custom of looking for a bride and negotiating the bride-wealth, the author presents the series of unique marriage events in chronological order, explaining not only the organizational and functional structure of a Nuäär Family, but also how different clans are connected through the same tribal values.

The author rightfully claims that no other scholarly work provides this detail or explanation for the rich customs of the Nuäär people, in the historical and economical context of cattle value for bride-wealth.

Surely, this book will prove to be an invaluable asset to anthropologists and social scientists and for anyone seeking to understand Africa’s rich and unique cultures.


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