This book gives Christians and none-Christians an opportunity to realise that there is spiritual war against their lives by the enemy of their souls called Satan. The battle is called spiritual war, fought with spiritual weapons in the spiritual realm. The reason why it is called spiritual war is that it is fought in the spirit, the unseen spiritual world also called the supernatural world.
The world we are born in, live in and die in, is not a safer place as we think. This book is an opportunity for Christians and non-Christians to change their thinking and a chance to change their lives forever about the problems they go through in their lives. This is a piece of good news indeed and now is the time for you to gain back your freedom through it. The book is also a wakeup call for people who have not experience Satanic attacks at present, yet they are most likely to experience one in the future, of which they must act now to avoid it. Majority of Christians and non-Christians alike lived in denial, that Satan does not exist, and only the small number of them acknowledged he exists, but they underestimate his power and his intention against their lives.
The bible leaves no room for doubt that we are at war with Satan, it even refers to Christians as soldiers with weapons to fight the war. This war is being fought over your body, soul, spirit, vision and mission, family, finances, properties, businesses and so forth. Satan attacks the above-mentioned areas of your life through sickness, stress, suicide, anxiety, starvation, poverty, joblessness, wars, hatred, racism, greed, corruption, divorce, sexual immorality and so forth. Little is known about all these forms of human sufferings, yet people experienced them and lived with them. But I come to tell you in this book that all these attacks are from Satan, and they can be stopped, if you can stand up and fight for your freedom against Satan, through your God-given weapons.
The book gives Christians an opportunity to use their spiritual weapons given to them by God to fight and win the war against their lives. These weapons of spiritual warfare are; the name and blood of Jesus Christ, prayer, faith, truth, salvation, fasting, peace, righteousness, and confession and repentance of sins. With these weapons in their hands, they are positioned to restore back what Satan has already stolen from them or what he may try to steal, kill, and destroy from them in the future.
David Wel is a Church Warden, Secretary, Administrator, Teacher, Author, and the host of DW Spiritual Care International Online Discussion Program. He is the author of two books: Fighting the Invisible Enemy and Human Being as Tripartite; Body, Soul and Spirt. He is passionate to bring hope to hopeless people through the word of God. But there is even more to this as he lately discovered that God as our creator has a plan for us. We were created by God with great potentials within us and it is his determination to help you discover your God-given gift within you. For you to increase your productivity, he will help you unlock your potential within you by bringing resources, information, faith, knowledge, wisdom and understanding for you to live and enjoy the life you were born to live here on earth.


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