In Pursuit A Just Society By Dawson Dau Amal



Society adapts to some norms that shape a respectful and mannered life. It encourages the co-existence of different individuals with uncommon traits, granting self-fulfilment to everyone. However simple it may look to achieve this, the idea of self-preservation overrides all this as individuals breach ethical conduct. A society where ethics is not practised and respected may cause crime, loss of lives, grab people’s properties, and indulge in private lives. Because of disrespecting ethical conduct, society lives in turmoil. Everyone becomes a hindrance to the other person’s struggles. In pursuit of a Just Society, try negotiating with communities on how respecting ethical conduct allows a platform where everybody exercises their strengths and achieves their goals with help from the environment they live in. It is a poetry book made up of individual, topical poetic pieces that highlight ethical and unethical societal scenarios and point out the dos and don’ts.


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